Platinum Plus

Baltimore Dentist

For a small fraction of the cost, you can get the dental treatment you need RIGHT NOW for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums with “Platinum Plus.” If you have no dental insurance and no alternative plan in place, you may be facing a potential dental emergency that could result in significant pain and considerable cost.

“Platinum Plus” was designed with you in mind.

What is Platinum Plus?
“Platinum Plus” is an in-house discount program offered by Dr. Garcia’s office exclusively to our patients who do not carry dental insurance. This advantageous program allows procedure charges to be greatly reduced, and in some cases, at no cost to you! A large number of people do not have access to dental insurance, and many who do simply choose not to incur the added expense by delaying or ignoring their dental issues. We understand fully that the cost of dental treatment can be overwhelming.

But we also know that putting off regular cleanings and the treatment you need, can have even worse consequences, both to your health and to your finances when the treatment required escalates.

“Platinum Plus” can be your lifeline to healthy teeth and a great smile, while saving you a substantial sum of your hard-earned money.

What does Platinum Plus cost?
“Platinum Plus” is extremely affordable and offers an excellent alternative to traditional dental insurance. The annual membership cost for an individual is less than the cost of having your teeth cleaned twice a year.

Your year of coverage is based on your date of enrollment.

What does the program cover?
“Platinum Plus” has been designed to make it possible for you to keep your teeth healthy throughout the year, as well as protecting your against the higher costs of urgent dental treatment.

Per year, “Platinum Plus” fully covers:

  • two dental exams
  • two cleanings per year by one of our highly skilled dental hygienists
  • one full mouth series x-rays

As a member of “Platinum Plus,” all other dental services including cosmetic work are 20% off the usual and customary fees (*excludes specialists).


In addition to the clear advantages of “Platinum Plus,” we also offer zero interest financing up to 12 months through a trusted partner, Care Credit.

How do I enroll in the program?
The easiest way to begin receiving the benefits of the “Platinum Plus” program is to call Dr. Garcia’s office at (410) 837-0304 to request the simple application. We’ll email it to you for you to complete and return. We’ll handle the fee payment with you at that time. Or if it’s convenient, we can take care of the whole thing in person with you at Dr. Garcia’s office.